For the business that believes in ‘work hard, play hard,’ an innovative retreat can be a wonderful way to help boost moral and build friendship between coworkers. Here at TOAST we like to spice things up, creating getaways that are modelled after some of our favourite television shows. Imagine a fun game-driven Survivor scenario, a CSI clue-based mystery or a riveting Amazing Race scavenger hunt – each an imaginative departure from the office setting and a hilarious experience!

Outdoor adventures

Picturesque barbecues, wild white water-rafting, tree zip-lining excursions and tranquil hikes are just some of our gorgeous outdoor options for team outings!

Murder mystery dinners

Great food, compelling stories of deception and intrigue and jovial resolutions make a murder mystery dinner a thrilling way to spend an evening.

Product launches/grand openings

Whether you are unveiling a new book, a new business or a new product, TOAST will make your announcement stylish, smooth and seamless. Allow us to manage your guests, the caterers and the logistics as a whole so you can focus on mingling and getting your message out there.

Local charity events & fundraisers

TOAST cherishes community and giving back, which is why we are always thrilled to bring our expertise to make a charitable event a beautiful affair.