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Toast Events Ottawa Montreal Wedding Planner


We've heard you loud and clear! In answer to an overwhelming request in internships placements with Toast and a waiting list 25 deep for our 2018/2019 season, we're thrilled to finally announce that we will now commence interviews. To apply please send your resume to info at toast events dot ca. Please include your IG handle and a picture of you living your best life! We like to keep the working atmosphere fun and light :)

So! You think you might want to be a wedding planner, huh?! Well let me tell you- you're in for a ride! This industry isn't for the faint-of-heart and sitting in a classroom learning the basics on paper will never prepare you for what it's really like in real time. 

Chances are you’re more than a little wary of launching a new career in an industry where the most experience you’ve likely had is helping your cousin Sarah hang seven hundred fairy lights for her wedding. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Our internship is aimed at those who are seriously considering working in the industry, but don’t quite know where or how to start. This opportunity gives participants an intense, exclusive behind the scenes experience of what you can expect your new career to look like, without the stress and uncertainty of having to quit your day job first.

You’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains, observe and participate on the front lines of luxury weddings; all with a safety net knowing you’re working under the guidance and coaching of highly skilled professionals.



Commitment and drive. A highly motivated individual who learns quickly and can keep up with the pace with a positive attitude. This candidate must understand that function days often lead to longer work days which are primarily on weekends. Individual must be prepared to sign a commitment contract for the full 2018 season. 

  • Marketing & Advertising, Photography background is a huge asset
  • Experience in the industry is not necessary. 



  • Attend ceremony rehearsal and client prep meetings are required
  • Present on all function days 
  • Assist Lead Planner with all event tasks
  • Instagram take over on event days to showcase the behind the scenes as the day unfolds 
  • Attend company strategy sessions

If this sounds like your calling, interviews begin first week of May, so don't delay. Send your resume to .

That could be you in the picture above ;) 








Toast Blog

Are you an aspiring photographer? Or maybe you're a seasoned vet looking to diversify your portfolio and build your tribe through creative collaboration....

Which probably means you love photography, styling, pinning, social media and DIY's. Does the thought of capturing mini styled shoots and vloging along the way feed your creative soul? Us too! 

If we've checked off some of those boxes- being our resident 2018 photog intern might just be the opportunity you've been looking for:) 

So what does this "said" intern do?


Blog Headings.jpg


  • Attend, photograph & edit life-style shoots and fashion sessions featuring Eliza & her team intended for their social media campaign, blog and Youtube.
  • Capture & edit video highlights for IG trailers.
  • Attend select weddings to capture the before and after of the art in how we transform spaces.
  • Social media content creation which will be used for our social media


Blog Headings 1.jpg

be part of our team

  • 1 - 2 shoots days per month
  • 20 edited images + a 15sec vid clip per shoot
  • Internship commitment for one year begining Jan 1st 2018
  • Highlighted on our website as our resident photography intern w/ bio



Send us an email telling us why you want to be our next intern!

Include 10 images of your best work or a link to your portfolio

Be sure to include a link to your Instagram, website and Facebook Page

Serious inquiries only





elevate retreat


I'm so excited to announce the launch of The Elevate Retreat, all about taking your business to the next level! 






I seriously couldn't think of a better life then being an entrepreneur and blazing my own trail. It's never easy, but the thrill of the ride is a feeling like no other! 

I started in the business just shy of a decade ago. When Pinterest and Instgram didn't exist and Facebook didn't allow company pages. Yes, 2007 was a time in business where there was no online anything! No content management websites, no one really understood the concept of a blog, SEO was a made up word and there were no workflow cloud organizational tools. Now, when I think of this, I'm astounded!

Elise Schmitz and Laura Kelly Elevate Retreat

I literally had zero tools to set up my business except my own brain, an agenda, my blackberry and a hand written binder for each client. I created my own workflow, developed my own client experience, made all my consultation forms from scratch and lived and learned from my own mistakes. 

I remember one of my old professors say to me, "Don't open your own business up right away. Make mistakes on someone else's dime." And even though I was little appalled, it made sense. So I'm going to be honest- that's what I did. Granted my mistakes were little and insignificant because I had such a wonderful teacher & boss. And so now it's my turn to be here for you! To guide you through life and business without making the same mistakes as I did, and to teach you how to get to the top- faster! 



The ELEVATE MASTERCLASS is all about this journey. My journey and Laura's journey. How we came from nothing to something pretty incredible - Industry Influencers. Our stories are crazy and the knowledge we have gained along the way is yours for the taking. 

So I invite you to check us out! 



INSTAGRAM @elevateretreat