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3 High-Tech Wedding Day Trends You Need to Have

Toast Events Blog 2016 High Tech Trends

Recently a bride of mine has asked me to reasearch how we might incorporate some cool tech into their wedding. A pet project for the groom who is very technologically in tune. A hard task right?! I immediately thought of the go to's; go pro cams, drones, live feed for grandma....but those are sooo 2010. I decided to do a little bit of research and my mind literally blew up. So here's what I found. And it only scratches the surface.


Your Robot Bartender

This is actually a thing!

If you have a passion for cocktails, the Somabar is definitely for you! It's similar to your Nespresso machine at home but it can make over 300 different types of cocktails. At a touch of a button, you'll see your cocktail pour out in under 5 seconds. Bar line wait time....crushed.

So how does it work? Well here's the kicker- it's an app controlled ordering system.


 How much is this going to cost you?  Pre-order for $429

Now this is something I could personally use in my own home for entertaining. Cue pre-wedding gift ideas.


3D Favor Printing

Insane right! Imagine being able to 3D print your guest favors right before their eyes! The Replicator from Makerbot will cost you a pretty penny, beginning at $3k U.S.D.  And low an behold this too has an integrated App. 

Naturally my next question was, "How long would it take to print an object?." The answers seem vary. But to put things in perspective, a small product with low quality settings can be printed in less then 10 minutes; for example, a key chain fob.

If time is not on your side, there is an online marketplace for printed products called Shapeaways. It offers up to 40 different materials and finishes that can be used for your custom 3D printed favors. 


Photobooth GIF

Photobooths have been around for a while and re-inventing them seems to be quite a chore. Recently when a client asked, "What's the next big thing for photo booths?". I was stumped; and for the life of me I had no answer. Until I came across PHHHOTO PRO. Instant moving pictures of social people, being dubbed the "perfect party app".

Pretty cool right?!

There are even wedding GIF videos just beginning to surface online, and their super cute!

So there you have it! Adding tech to your wedding can be fun and engaging if you incorporate it in the right way.