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Myths and misconceptions- they're real. In an industry that fuels unattainable ideas and designs while saturating the market with unfounded wedding advice and information which can be misleading- it's hard to make the distinction in what's actually reality. So here are 5 things we want to shed some light on when it comes to the urban legends surrounding Wedding Planners. 


rban legend #1, You'll get all her discounts

Have you heard the saying "If you think hiring a Wedding Planner is expensive, you have no idea how much an incompetent one can". That's a stone cold fact my friends. So how do we begin to address the notion that hiring a Wedding Planner gets you massive discounts, than if you were to go out on your own. Let me debunk this tall tale- because it drives me crazy. A good planner will help you spend you hard earned moulah wisely, making sure you wont fall into the classic money pit-holes of over-paying for sub-par products and services. This includes DIY's that cost you more then if you were to pay for them, as spending money where your guests wont notice, frivolous delivery charges etc etc. A good Wedding Planner takes the guessing work out of the equation, providing you short cuts- saving you in the long run. So even though you don't see a discount on your invoice, rest assured that your money has been spent with intention and fore-thought. 


She's there to do all your running around

Negative. We're here to design and organize your wedding. There is literally no time for picking up your wedding dress, cake or stationary last minute. Your planner should be organizing the drop off of these items so these tasks don't fall on you.


She's your mediator

A much as we love to calm the waters and make things right, we're not trained to be inter-family crisis mediators. A planner must keep professional boundaries at all times and provide unbiased solutions in assistance.


She's a magician

There is only so much we can humanly do to address the issue at hand. Don't expect miracles to happen when in reality, it isn't feasible. Yes, we do have some tricks up our sleeves that will save you in a pinch but that doesn't mean things happen at the click of your fingers just because you hired a planner. 


She knows everything

Lets be real. No one knows everything. But this statement does depends on how many dedicated years your planner has put in and how many weddings she has under her belt. Event planning is a long process of learning as you go. No wedding planning course can prepare you for real-time issues, how to build vendor relationships, make on the spot decisions during a crisis or even how to think strategically. 


So there you have it. 5 expectations you need to check before you hire a planner.