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Toast Events Client Testimonial

Every now and again we get some incredible emails from our clients. My team and I pride ourselves in being present and attentive as we journey along with our clients. One thing I can say first hand is that we're here to gently guide and keep you on track as we plan one of the biggest celebrations of your life. So when we get a random email like this, well lets just say, it's very humbling. 

I just want to tell you have WONDERFUL it has been to work with you so far!

As you can imagine during our move we have had to work with a series of companies and people in a short period of time to close up things with our old home and start things with our new home. With anything sometimes you get people that are great and some people you have to deal with are terrible. This week has been particularly difficult with a few companies and it has really made me stop and think about the people who have been great to work with.

I honestly can’t tell you how much I appreciate working with someone that goes with the flow, rolls with whatever and manages our crazy schedules.

At the beginning of this process I wasn’t sure if we needed a planner for anything other than day of and maybe some help with styling and some recommendations – now I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND a full plan to any one that listens and I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU and YOUR TEAM!!!

You have made this so easy – taken so much stress off of us and pushed us forward even when we were really busy and normally would have waited to make choices – You helped us get exactly what we want – even when we completely changed our minds – and you were excited and happy to take it on! You have been WONDERFUL and I can’t tell you enough how glad both Adam and I are that you are helping us. We are so lucky to have found you!

I personally think people in general don’t always take the time to recognize the companies and people that go above and beyond. So I did want to take this opportunity to tell you that it DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED and it DOES NOT GO UNAPPRECIATED!!!!

Thank You for all of your hard work so far!

— Catherine. E, October 15th 2016 bride