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I'm a Scandinavian minimalist at heart. The thought of clutter gives me anxiety which seems unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, I love an over packed antique shop and do enjoy other peoples organized clutter, but not in my designs. Coco Chanel once said " Once you've dressed, before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take off one thing". And on this premiss I've adopted certain personal rules which translate into my design philosophy. Quality over quantity. 

Minimalism isn't based on not having a stick of furniture in your house or living like your in an art gallery. Minimalism to me, means that all my possessions must have a purpose or some sort of significance behind them. For example, when I travel I will always buy a pair of shoes so that when I wear them I can relive those experiences. Sentimental right ?! 

So in design i'll often tell my clients to choose one "impact visual" that is meaningful to them, (which I call "the piece de resistance"), and then focus on adding a layer of complimentary details that will convey their personal style. And that's it folks! That my friends is my basic principle. 

To help you see what I'm talking about and to give you some idea's on how to incorporate this growing movement into your wedding design......i've had a little bit of fun on Pinterest. 


A minimalist mindset is all about not succumbing to every day consumerism. The "need" vs. "want". And when it boils down to weddings, it's easy for any of us to go over-board. But it's also all about feeling free, making creative choices without the fuss. Exhibit A: The wedding dress. A simple toned down gown with a striking detail will most certainly be fit for the minimalist and modernist. 

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It's always been said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Naturally I beg to differ. I believe beauty is conveyed through the feeling of confidence, and with that comes radiance. Even though it's your wedding day, be true to yourself. Forget the acrylic nails and false eye lashes. Rather embrace your natural beauty with makeup that will enhance your features rather than sculpt your face. In a world full of Kardashian's, be a Diana. 


A great way in making your dinero's work for you, is by re-using florals from your ceremony and incorporating them into your reception. This could be taking garlands from your ceremony arbour and placing them on your kings head table or adding the aisle candles to guest reception tables. 


One might ask, why can't I......have all my bridesmaids dress in white? And to that I say, YES!!!!! DO IT!!!! Not only is it monochromatic and pleasing to the eye, it also takes the pressure away from "all eyes" on the bride. Besides, everyone knows who you are, no need to stick out like a soar thumb, especially if your shy.  If your not keen on this color scheme think Polar bear white bridesmaids dresses or change up the color of your wedding dress to a gorgeous dove grey, nude or even blush.


Because minimalism takes a required effort to "reduce ones life" to live life more simply, we can assume this takes some hands-on creativity. In a wedding this might include D.I.Y packaged handmade soaps, water color invitations with hand-calligraphy or even a modest butter cream cake home baked. 

So there you have it. A few key ways to include the minimalist look into your wedding. This blog post could have easily been minimum 8 pages longer....but I had to cut it short. After all, I'm a minimalist ;)



*Please note all pictures included in this blog post are from Pinterest and are not from any wedding or style shoot Toast has curated. We applaud each creative mind behind these gorgeous images.