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Chateau de Gudanes, an abandoned, neglected and ruined chateau tucked neatly into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. A site where the first stories of religious tragedies began in the 13th century.

Until now, reawakened by an Australian family as they start their restoration, giving back the love it deserves and unravelling the spirit of the past. Opening the door to a world of wonder, both real and imagined.

I'm a hopeless romantic... 

So it may not come as a surprise when I tell you I've been following the Chateau de Gudanes Captain's Log for two years now, waiting in anticipation for what hidden treasures would appear next. The journey of a piece of history at risk of being lost forever, brought back to life with sneak-peaks into the secret details they're trying so hard to salvage.

The Chateau is said not to be restored into a "pretentious" museum piece, but rather a public space of refuge. A gathering place for Parisian weddings, festivals and extended stays. And although I have already "ticked" the little box beside "Plan a castle wedding in Europe", I must say this modern day fairy tale and a trip to France is an experience I simply must have. 

Your all welcome to come with me, eat fine food, drink a little too much red wine, and share some laughs.

So until then, as the French would say; A bientot!