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Being German means Christmas is almost sacred. It’s a rule that no work is to be done until the tree comes down in January and if we could be in Europe this time every year - we would. The markets, food, and atmosphere are like nothing you’ve ever likely experienced. So to compensate, our Euro-Canadian festivities are almost ritualistic, right down to the tree only being decorated the week before Christmas Eve. In fact, when we were kids the tree was only decorated on the eve, with real lit candles. There’s a very specific way I like to decorate the tree. First, I like to hog the experience all to myself. No co-decorating allowed. But this year when my sister asked me to guest blog for the holidays, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share a D.I.Y of the cute fresh floral ornaments I make for my tree. And because I love my sister :)


DIY Ornaments toast events


12 Water Picks

1 Box of Dark Green Reindeer Moss

Green Craft Wire 

12 Roses (any colour) 

1 Bunch of Seeded Eucalyptus


Glue Gun


Before you begin the project it’s always important that you re-cut and hydrate your roses in warm water, removing any bruised petals. I find Eucalyptus also dries out fast so be sure to make sure they're also in a nice vase of water.



Step 1:

Fill your water picks with water. Make sure their dried off and the cap is nice and snug so you don't have any leakage 


Step 2: 

With your glue gun, use bits of Mood Moss and adhere it to the water pick. Essentially this will help camouflage the water pick when you add your blooms to the tree. Feel free to use a bit of wire to secure the moss further

DIY Ornaments toast events
DIY Ornaments toast events


Step 3:

Take your rose bloom and re-cut the stem. Make sure you keep the stems long. I do this for a few reasons. It distributes the weight of the bloom over a larger area so that your branches don’t bend with weight. It also allows the water pick to be further inside the tree so that you don’t see it. 

DIY Ornaments toast events


Step 4:

Cut a few sprigs of Eucalyptus and wire it together with the rose bloom. 

DIY Ornaments toast events


Step 5:

Insert the tip of the Rose stem into the water pick making sure the tip goes right down to the base of the capsule. 

DIY Ornaments toast events


Step 6:

Once your tree is fully decorated, insert the bloom into the tree with the water pick closest to the main stem of the tree. And voila! You’re done! 

DIY Ornaments toast events
DIY Ornaments toast events


Once the Rose is finished blooming you can pop a new one in. Just make sure you add more water to the capsule ;) Flowers normally last about 3 days

It’s the perfect D.I.Y to wow your guests making your tree just a tad extra!


Elise & Hugo



Galvanized tree collar, Canadian Tire $39.99

White Herrnhuter Sterne Stars, Artistic Landscape Designs Boutique $134.95 (they're currently on sale!) 

Wicker Basket, Home Sense $34.95

Fur Stockings, Home Sense $12.95

Fur Throw Pillow, Home Sense $26.95

Moroccan Pillow, Artistic Landscape Designs $165.95

Hugo, Chocolate Lab $ priceless

All ornaments are either form Germany or Artistic Landscape Designs Boutique