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Your budget depends on it and choosing your guest list might be one of the biggest hurdles in the wedding planning process. It's no easy task and many clients ask this question expecting me to have the answer. It's a delicate matter and any advice I provide you is mearly food for thought as you know your friends and family best. So I'll let you now what I tell them...



Being newly engaged can be exciting and emotions can quickly get out of control and the big picture- lost from sight. Before you start talking about your wedding plans with friends and family it's important to discuss exactly how you "realistically" envision your wedding day. Doing this now will ensure there's no back tracking or quick thinking white lies.... I feel bad for using the words "white lies" but you know it, and I know it - it happens. No judgement here girl!

So ask yourself a few questions like; Do I want a large wedding? What's the overall vibe you'de like? Are you dreaming of an intimate wine country fete or a relaxed urban industrial gathering of friends? Or better yet...... ask your fiance...he/she might have some input;)



Since you've collectively honed in on your vision it's time to talk priorities. It's the number one factor your wedding is built upon and how you'll be spending your hard earned moullah. So circling back; on the day of your wedding what is the most important element and whic details do you value most? Is it a killer diner menu? Location? Decor?....the list goes on, but pin pointing these elements on a scale of 1 to 10 are mucho important. This might lead you to realize your guest list must be reassessed. 



Yeah I said it! The "B" word- budget. I hate the word, and it pains me just as much as you. But it's a uncomfortable yet responsible conversation every bride and groom needs to have. Know that the first budget you think is appropriate is probably not enough. We're constantly fed wedding inspo that unattainable and the sticker price can be shocking. but don't cheap out on those priorities we just talked about. Spend your money where you feel there is value. Good wedding planners can help you work those dollars and provide you with creative ideas on how to trick your guest into thinking you had more then you actually did. Once you have your budget nailed down ad that wiggle room and make sure you include tax and grat into your budget sheet. 



So your B talk ended up in the realization that you might not be able to invite everyone and their pet.....which is why I made this cool little chart! Enjoy, and happy chop-chop!



Guest List 911 Chart