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Meet Meghann. Or Parisian intern who flew across the pond from France to learn from us for 3 months. I have to say, her 10 minute email return time is impressive and boy is she ever sharp. And even though she's with us until the end of June, I'm already sad she's leaving us. But enough about that and more about her! 

From Meghann.....

I was born in France, and grew up in a little town named Tours, located in the Loire Valley, a beautiful area full of castles. Do the names Chenonceau, Chambord, Amboise sound familiar?

I absolutely adore my country. There is so much history, so much culture… so many places to go and so many things to do, see… and taste! French gastronomy is probably the thing I like most about France, and I have to admit that I can’t live without my wine and cheese (yep, stereotypes can be true sometimes, except that we don’t wear beret and don’t eat snails).

I love travelling. I am the type of person that needs challenge all the time, to push myself to my limits, and get to know myself a little bit more each time. I love discovering new cultures, meeting new people, speaking different languages and for all those reasons, I’ve planned to go on a one year round the world trip at the end of the year with my hubby… I can’t wait!

As one of passion is travelling, it made sense to me to do my Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages before pursuing with a master’s degree in Management & International Marketing. In order to be graduated, I had to complete an internship and I finally ended up in a wedding planning company based in Ireland, where I worked as a marketing and event assistant for several months. And guess what? I have enjoyed it so much! 

It has been such a enriching experience… For the first time in my life, I was happy to get up and go to work, and that was the trigger. From this moment, I have never stopped dreaming of becoming a wedding planner someday, and have promised myself never to give up and work non stop until I reach my professional goal. 

Starting a wedding from nothing (literally), and see how remarkable it is once everything is finally done is what I love most about planning. Seeing the couple enjoying their big day and celebrating their love… I get emotional every time during ceremonies!

With that being said, being a wedding planner is not as easy as everybody could think: weekend and evening work, deadlines, stress, tough clients… It is mental AND physical hard work. But that didn’t prevent me from loving this job as a whole.

Coupled with my urge for travelling and my hunger for learning even more in the wedding planning field, to kill two birds in one stone, I finally have decided to go to Canada.

After a few researches on google, TOAST EVENTS caught my interest: professional and friendly message through its website, excellent reviews, impressive behind the scenes videos… I just knew I could learn so much from Toast. And that is the case! Elise is so remarkable when it comes to plan and design weddings for her clients. She is really talented, kind and pro, and is a great help to me. I couldn’t find any better!