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Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post

I love having guest bloggers, especially when it's my sister because she has such great taste and her posts are super cute! She's a landscape designer with a super cool Scandinavian design style (runs in the family) that's all about bringing the indoors, outdoors. Essentially the concept of extending your living space outside.

In the new year you'll be seeing a bit more of her, me, my other sister, lot's of Hugo etc as I ramp up my blogging to include a bit more of a lifestyle component. 



As we all gear towards the holidays and are hosting parties for family and friends, it’s always nice to stumble upon a unique cocktail recipe. Going hand in hand with our belief in encouraging people to get out and enjoy the outdoors, we wanted to create a fun and dual-purpose holiday punch that could play a part. 
Start your night with your guests indoors, with a chilled, boozy punch. Later in the night when it’s time for a change of scenery, turn your chilled punch into a hot beverage to take outside! Start a campfire, take a quick jaunt around the neighborhood, or if it’s February in Ottawa –go for a night skate on the Rideau Canal! Which ever you choose, grab a thermos and take your GBD Holiday Adventure Punch with you.

Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post

2  (200 ml) Ginger Beer
2  (200 ml) Ginger ale
2 1/2  (1L) Perrier Original
1  mickey Jameson Whiskey
4  tbsp. Grenadine
2  lemons
2  oranges
2  cups frozen cranberries
1  bag Ice
6  Cinnamon sticks
Rosemary Sprigs, for garnish
2  cups apple cider 






1.    Turn on the song ‘Mele Kalikimaka’ from the Christmas Vacation soundtrack and put on repeat…. It just feels right for some reason 

Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post


2.    Pour all liquids into punch bowl except for Grenadine & Apple cider and stir.

3.    Squeeze 1 full Lemon and 1 full Orange into punch bowl. Slice up remaining Lemon and Orange and add to top of bowl along with frozen cranberries.
4.    Pour in Grenadine and stir

5.    Add ice

Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post
Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post

6.    Ladle into ice filled punch glasses and garnish with Rosemary sprig



1.    Pour contents of punch bowl into pot and place on stove top on medium heat
2.    Add cinnamon sticks and Apple Cider and let simmer for 5-6 mins. 

Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post
Engelina Schmitz Gardening by Design Guest Blog Post

3.    When punch is heated to your liking, pour into mugs or thermoses and head outside!

-The GBD Team






Toast Blog

Are you an aspiring photographer? Or maybe you're a seasoned vet looking to diversify your portfolio and build your tribe through creative collaboration....

Which probably means you love photography, styling, pinning, social media and DIY's. Does the thought of capturing mini styled shoots and vloging along the way feed your creative soul? Us too! 

If we've checked off some of those boxes- being our resident 2018 photog intern might just be the opportunity you've been looking for:) 

So what does this "said" intern do?


Blog Headings.jpg


  • Attend, photograph & edit life-style shoots and fashion sessions featuring Eliza & her team intended for their social media campaign, blog and Youtube.
  • Capture & edit video highlights for IG trailers.
  • Attend select weddings to capture the before and after of the art in how we transform spaces.
  • Social media content creation which will be used for our social media


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be part of our team

  • 1 - 2 shoots days per month
  • 20 edited images + a 15sec vid clip per shoot
  • Internship commitment for one year begining Jan 1st 2018
  • Highlighted on our website as our resident photography intern w/ bio



Send us an email telling us why you want to be our next intern!

Include 10 images of your best work or a link to your portfolio

Be sure to include a link to your Instagram, website and Facebook Page

Serious inquiries only