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Castle Hoping in Germany

Destination Deutschland... Chateau hopping elfresco. Need we say more? 

It's hard to explain how much I love this couple and the journey we had together. I count my blessings for having the opportunity to celebrate a truly European wedding without the hassle of overly fussy details, and where sipping champagne and eating cake superseded dinner in the courtyard.

The ceremony and reception were held in two separate castles, in two separate villages near the gothic city of Dresden. The second reception castle "Schloss Scharfenberg" is a rustic medieval rock castle in the Palatine Forest built during the first half of the 12th century. 

The estate was exclusively ours with traditional accommodations conveniently located in the tallest tower with an endless spiral of stairs. As night fell and the festivities continued, the castle became illuminated by hundreds of candles with a free invitations to roam the maze of rooms and if you dared, the basement dungeon. 

This experience was like non-other I have ever had. Truly the most romantic destination wedding we’ve ever encountered. This couple and their wedding will be forever in my heart.