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It seems like now days I can almost predict what traditional wedding notions my clients are willing to ditch. It's true these things are out-dated and a bit ridiculous. So here is a list of 10 things you won't feel bad about ditching! 

I really personally dislike choreographed first dances. Let's get real, it looks unnatural. Not to mention of the DJ plays a different rendition of your song....well you better be good at improvising!  


Too much icing and maybe 5 of your guests will actually indulge leaving you a month worth of cupcakes for breakfast. Donut Bars and Pie Tables are all the rage.

When I first started in the business 8 years ago the average age to get married was 25. Now my clients all tend to be around 30. So with and older general attendance there seems to be less single people at weddings. So why throw a bouquet with only 5 people behind you?

It's embarrassing! Sure it can be funny, but most brides are not really into this type of display.

Step away from that mason jar girl! I know your tempted...but it's been overdone and has entered the "tacky wedding trends" book. You'll thank me later!

Ditch your bridesmaids? *Gasp* I know right! Well it seems to be the trend. One standing for each or none at all. Although this is not a huge "thing" yet, my prediction is that you'll be seeing a lot more of this.

The days of a book where guests just sign their name and sometimes leave a awkward note it way pasee. The polaroid scrap book is where it's at! Cute washi tape, glittery pens and retro polaroids. Can't get any better then that! 

It's not quantity, it's quality! Seems like now days everyone is a foodie. B&G's are rather opting for a gourmet 3 course meal with an option than a two star 5 courses and a chicken main.

Overdone just like cup cakes. Seems like there's no other alternative. Well let me tell you when I say gelato bar, espresso & macaroon bar, shawarma bar, andI have even ordered Mcdonalds cheese burgers and nuggets for late night.

It's just too much fabric. With minimalism now trending in weddings most clients will splurge on bringing in chairs...even if we can only order them from Montreal or Toronto