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Toast Events & Stonefields Parisian Style Barn

Last night the team and I attended Stonefields Loft Reveal- and it was everything we had hopped for! I keep saying to myself "Where was this 3 years ago when I got married!". And it's true, Ottawa has grown leaps and bounds with creative new wedding venues, indie vendors with super cool niche products to truly customize your wedding to your own personal brand. 

So let me tell you why I love this venue so much. First it starts with the people who run it. The very heart of Stonfields, Steph & Steve, the power couple.- well, at least that's what I call them, and I'll tell you why. 

Husband & Wife team + 3 year old twins divided by building the prettiest 130 year old Parisian inspired countryside barn, you ever did see! = POWER COUPLE

Steph & Steve, if your reading this- Way to raise the bar guys..... ;)

I had a nice chat with Steve and I asked him, "How do you do it..the re-build, running a full catered establishment..with small twins..." . Kids are a mystery for me and I loved his response, "Passion and dedication.". And it's true -if your passionate about what you do, you will not feel as though you have worked a day in your life. And from there he told me it took him 3 days to assemble every little crystal on their 8ft chandelier. And that my friends in patience.

The story behind the barn is quite astonishing. Not even 365 days ago this exact barn was located a few miles down the road fully functioning with cattle! Yup, yah heard me right...livestock people! I'de really love to see the before pictures.... So with this being said, the barn was dissembled board by board, numbered and re-assembled onsite where Stonefields big white tent used to me. The reconstruction started last October and was completed just in time for Steph & Steve's own wedding.

Toast Events & Stonefield Farm & Wedecor
Toast Events & Stonefield Farm & Wedecor
Toast Events, Stonefields, Wedecor
Decorated & Styled by  Wedecor

Decorated & Styled by Wedecor

With me, it's all about the subtle details. And let me tell you, there were no detail or expense spared. Two elements really took me by surprise, where I stood back and thought to myself; someone really knew what they were doing- like a boss! It might not matter to you but choosing the right tinted crystal for your chandeliers is extremely important. It defines the line between class and meh. I truly am hard to impress, but these statement works of art have the perfect amber undertone. Think Beauty and the Beast....yes that chandelier that literally glows without the lights turned on. I think it might have hypnotized me, because I'm sure I stared at it for a good 5 mins.

Second item- chairs. Oh no, not just any chair, the chair. You know the one, Parisian/Tuscan looking wooden chair we all drool over....well, these ones perfectly matched the 130 year old beams of the barn. I know what your thinking and no, it's not matchy-matchy, it's cohesive providing that detail which provides that polished look.

And lastly, throwing another style detail in here, the hay loft ladders. Their still there! Preserving the character of the barn by these simple details told me, Steve & Steph really put their heart and soul into building a unique wedding venue like no other.


  • Capacity 200 sit down dinner
  • Heated floors
  • Covered patio across the length of the barn
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Large indoor integrated bar
  • Tuscan/Parisian style chairs included with space
  • Indoor & outdoor ceremony space
  • Mini resort feel
  • Exclusivity
  • No barn animals :) 

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As a wedding planner and stylist, %50 of the time is simply giving direction, gently guiding those along during a creative process.

It’s very rare for me to meet and work with someone who just “gets it”. Someone who sees what I see and thinks like I think., passionate about creative expression and jumps to every opportunity to collaborate.

Cue the globe trotter Joshua from “Up North Weddings”.

Now I’m going to have to boast on Joshua’s account because he’s just a little too humble for my liking. Which is also one of the many qualities I love about this guy!

Joshua's experience in the industry includes some of England's top wedding planners with events at Kensington Palace, Claridges Hotel, Victoria and Albert Museum London, Stoke Park, The Wallace Collection,The Grove Resort, Castle Howard, Dorchester Hotels. Not to mention his destination clients at cSKY Resort Santorini and Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild (Saint-Jean Cap Ferat, France).

And this doesn't include his work in Hong Kong, Thailand or China...

 Take a peak at the below collective of Joshua's work across the world. 

P.S You might just see a peak of one of our events! Let us know if you can spot us!