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Although i'm a serious paper pusher and a little bit too organized for my own sake, I really am a designer at heart. I design purely on feeling, so if your talking to me about a particular creative element you'll hear me say something to the tune of "I'm really "feeling" the tattered look, haunted...almost like we printed your invitations on a piece of torn wall paper from an 18th century Parisian chateau"...  or "I need to "feel" the movement in the florals, wispy, ethereal..".

There are so many things we take into account when we're styling a wedding. Because we want it to reflect the client style, we'll take in as many details as possible from Pinterest, movies you love, books you read, places you've traveled and really just things you like. I sometimes think knowing exactly what you don't want can help me hugely in the long run. It's like a spiders web, if you don't like modern design styles then we know you also wont like a host of other thing which we can rule out right at the get-go!

“Well I know what I want and I have everything I like on Pinterest, so why do I need a stylist?”
— Client

It's a good question and I have a great answer! It's all about sourcing. Since your wedding is most likely a year away, the items you are renting now will have gone through on average minimum 60 more weddings before gracing your guests. So that two year old chivary chair that looked decent last year when you booked them, is now- falling apart, wobbly, the cushions are flat, uncomfortable and stained. And that goes for all rentals. Linens, lounge furniture, tableware etc. And that white dance floor you ordered....well it's beige now because the vendor didn't care for it properly....

It's also about curating your wedding to the smallest detail from font choices, RGB color codes, paper weights, creative twists on traditional wedding decor etc. We even go as far as hand-making specialty "one-of" decor accents to ensure your wedding is completely unique- a reflection of you. We want Aunt Betty to walk in and say "OMG that is so Sarrah". 

So what does styling look and feel like with us? Well! Your customized style file comes wrapped in a pretty little box right at your door step, the old fashioned way. Snail mail. I like to think it makes the experience a little bit more tangible! 

Bellow is a great example. Enjoy! 



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