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There are so many things you need to remember on your wedding day. And even though you might have a planner taking care of things on the flip side- there is still a whole host of things you still need to remember for yourself. 



Don't chuckle at this comment, because I have fed more than my fair share of brides granola bars. I totally get it though, I'm not a big eater either, but on your wedding day eating is the number one thing you need to do since you won't have an appetite. It's not that you'll be nervous all day and not want to eat, instead it's like your adrenaline kicks in for 24hrs and you "feel" like - "Nahhhh I'm good, i'll eat later." WRONG! If you're my client you will be getting that 10 am call asking if you've eaten. 



Don't forget to grab the sweet little things you'd like photographed on your wedding day. Your invitation suite, jewelry,veil, shoes etc. Now you might think- who cares what shoes I'm wearing..". But fast-forward 30 years when you're flipping through those photos- .... you'll want to be able to remember those details. I personally wish my parents took more then just portraits on their wedding day...I would have loved to see what her style was like back then.

Toast Events - Le Belvedere



Have your wedding planner time your golden hour- 30 mins before the sun officially sets. It's the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that warm light, sneak away from dinner and take a few moments to yourselves for some impromptu portraits. With the butterflies gone from the ceremony and the reception kicked-off without a hitch, the golden hour is where I see some of the most relaxed and beautiful photos. 

Toast Events - Le Belvedere
Toast Events - Le Belvedere



During the busy day- consciously take a moment here and there to really soak it all in. It goes so fast, so if you can slow down and really appreciate a few moments throughout the day- do it. 


And there you have it. The most important things you should remember on your wedding day. The rest as we wedding planners- is history!



REAL TOAST BRIDE Christine:                PHOTO CRED: Joel & Justyna Photography