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What would a launch week be without and awesome giveaway!

AND ALL of my favorite things no-less! 

I adore taking photos of my clients with my own Polaroid camera, my motto in life is "Live Simply" and I'm obsessed with vegan fur poofs! UGH I wish I could just keep all these goodies to myself! And you want to know what the funniest thing is! Laura went out and bought these gifties- I swear we share the same brain! 


It's so simple to enter, and we just cannot wait to send this care package out into the world and give a lucky someone some new visual assets to brighten up their instagram feeds. here's how to enter:⠀

1️⃣ make sure you're following us at @elevateretreat@laurakellyweddings, and

2️⃣ like this post!⠀

3️⃣ tag a friend who would rock this styling kit like no other! ⠀
WINNER announced later this week, so get going friends!! #ELEVATElaunchweek ⠀

elevate retreat giveaway
Elevate Retreat Giveaway

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Photo Cred: Laura Kelly , Style shoot by Elise Schmitz - Toast Events

Photo Cred: Laura Kelly , Style shoot by Elise Schmitz - Toast Events

Light and airy, minimalist, negative space, feminine, ethereal... All of these elements combined makes for stunning timeless photographs. If your not following these lovely ladies on Instagram - you're missin' out! 



The Queen Bee of light & airy photography. Laura's bubbly personality is contagious. I've worked with her professionally and personally. I'm always amazed at how she captures everything just-right. She's directive, honest, attentive and detail oriented. If your looking to be spoiled, adored and possibly have a new bestie - Laura's your girl!

Laura Kelly Photography


The sweetest husband and wife team. Their goal; photograph a couple in each country they visit. They're loving life and their little bump. - Yes, Batoul is pregnant:)

Batoul is such a generous soul and genuinely cares about each and every client. She brings a calmness with her - there's no such thing as nerves on your wedding day with her by your side.

Ali & Batoul Photography


Amy will tell you each wedding takes 50 hours of retouching, 5 lenses used, 13 cups of iced coffee and 1000 photo's delivered. She's and everyday girl that loves thrift shops and avocados.....and so do I ;)

Amy Sturgeon Photography


She was hooked at the age of 10 - starting with film photography and gradually digital. Both mediums which, still today shows up in every clients gallery.

AMB Photography


If she were a spice girl- she'd be ginger. This girl has a contagious zest for life. When you meet Mel, you'll instantly feel like you've know her for life. But for all her vivaciousness she's very much low key in the industry which has garnered herself some top clients and a stellar reputation. Everything Mel touches ends up in a magazine ;)

Melanie Rebane Photography
Melanie Rebane Photography


Little mouse! A quirky millennial who even has a little photo of her bag on her website that you can click to see whats in it! Nicole wants her brides to "love your images not only for the first time, but every time, and not just love them but remember how you felt in each and every moment of them. See your perfume and remember how it smells. See your venue and remember how you felt your vision come to life."

Nicole Amanda Photography
Nicole Amanda Photography