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the entourage

You know the saying it takes a village..... it really does! No Toast wedding is planned solo, and our production team has all points covered....

Toast Team Photos



I've apparently been crowned  as Elise's "mini me". It's not my fault we pack the same snacks and show up wearing basically the same outfits, right?! But truth be told, I think we make an awesome pair. It's been 5 years now and 6 wedding cycles that I have been working alongside Elise and for the third year in a row I've had a full roster of amazing clients all of my own. Don't be deceived by my calm and quiet nature, as that's my secret weapon;) I'm a focused, over detailed, one-track-mind who will crush a wedding with a list for my lists. So hand me that massive wedding binder of yours and tell your family to put down the décor! I’ll handle it, while you enjoy being a guest at your own wedding,

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I’m the little Frenchy of the group, with a love for fashion design. I graduated Richard Robinson a few years ago with my very own haute-couture collection, which also means I'm the certified "wedding dress bustler" and "broken zipper fixer". I’m the logistics queen. Give me an empty industrial space without a stick of furniture, no running water, no electricity, then add a 300+ person guest list and watch me pull every single detail to life within 3-4 hours while working with countless vendors and sub-contractors. No detail escapes me, especially when Elise color codes our floor plans with correlating inventory lists with a timeline literally down to the second. Lets just says she keeps me running! 

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I've lived a pretty fascinating life traveling through Europe, walking the runways for some of the worlds hottest fashion houses. And believe it or not- I'm actually officially retired at 25 looking to fill my life with excitement in other ways. A lot of different experiences have lead me to this path and I am so happy to be able to have a positive impact on making our clients weddings that much more. I believe everything happens for a reason which is why my “go with the flow” attitude is why I'm Elise's freak-out interventionist and sometimes crazy talk interpreter.  I'm a true horse back ridding country girl! If I'm not out back walking my pups you can def find me in the ring dressage training or at school studying to be an Interior Designer.