let me geuss!

Let me guess- an overflowing inbox, scribbled to-do lists, a pile miscellaneous meeting notes and a intimidating work schedule- ain't nobody got time for that! Whether you’re a working professional, a full-time student student or simply just don't think you can hack it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions when planning your wedding.


Which is why we believe every meeting should begin with a creamy cappuccino brewed to perfection. We take our own vow with you – that the busy nature of organizing your special day never overtakes the enjoyment of the experience. Whether flipping through inspirational photographs or honing in on the perfect color palette, we are here to make every once-in-a-lifetime detail a memorable and exciting moment.

I’ve heard people say, “If I pick great vendors, why do I need a planner?”. Picking vendors is just not the same as planning your wedding. It’s like cooking; having spectacular ingredients doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great meal. It’s the talented Chef that brings it all together. Extraordinary weddings have vision behind them. That’s where a planner comes in to pull all elements together, and the key ingredient is knowing how to masterfully orchestrate it.

Having a planner isn’t magic,.... 

But we can, through a simple, guided framework, help you plan the biggest party of your life . 

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Ever heard of the term "reverse-destination wedding"?. Yeah, we made that up- but it's a valid term for brides living abroad and is planning their wedding back at home in Ottawa. It's common for us to Skype late night with a 12 hour difference or only meeting our brides for the first time before their ceremony rehearsal. So whether your a reverse destination bride or truly getting married abroad we've got you! Concerned about possible language barriers? Pas de problem!  Worried about bikini invaders during your private beach ceremony? We've got it covered. 




The thought of a blank slate gives our creative team endless opportunity to deliver a curated style to every moment of your celebration. We’re expecting multiple vendor appointments, site walk-throughs, color swatches, multiple coffee dates, endless emails and maybe some pep talks in between. We encourage all our brides to use our resources and the perks of our vendor relationships to their full advantage. Before you know it, your wedding day itinerary is formulated by your lead planner and unfolding before your eyes. We want you to feel like a guest at your own wedding.   


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Everything’s booked, hooray! Now, how do all of the pieces fall into place? Your wedding itinerary is only one page and brief, but you know there so many more details than what’s on that piece of paper in front of you.  "Panic" Mondays and wedding to-do lists can be an overwhelming realization. You deserve to enjoy your last fleeting weeks of engagement. So it’s off to those lovely pre-wedding parties and time to cue wedding planner! We’ll take care of everything from building your wedding itinerary, confirming your vendors and guiding you through the busiest day of your life.


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Tent weddings come with it's own special set of challenges and being organized just isn't enough. It's a "You need a list for your lists" type of wedding. It's a build everything from scratch and pray it doesn't rain type of wedding.... Which is why it's so important to a team of like minded professionals to ensure no detail is overlooked. We'll help you anticipate the anticipated ;) 


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You're organized and things are going well, but it’s down to crunch time and you definitely want your plan to get hitched executed with out a hitch. Hand over your itinerary and we'll tie up all your loose ends. This is your opportunity to leave the details with us so you can enjoy being a guest at your own wedding and spend time with loved ones.


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We found that there was a gap in the industry for the budget conscious bride, who has most things under control but still wants a little bit of professional assistance. You can rest assured that the more stressful, formal points of the day are professionally handled by our team. The dinner and the dancing shall then take its own course, as it should!



You absolutely are! And we understand that not every bride fits into one of these categories. All of our services are customized to individual needs which is why we offer all our clients a first date, no-obligation, consult to discuss your needs and how we can best assist you!