Recently I've had a bride announce she wasn't having a wedding photographer...


At first I was in total shock. But as time passed and the idea really sunk in, I thought to myself- why the heck not?!  I'm a huge advocate of stepping outside the traditional wedding formula and I must say there's something exciting and liberating about not having one.

Which begs the question; What alternatives do brides have? 

Sure you can easily create a #hashtag and even creep everyone on facebook after your wedding, but I've found the perfect alternative which I would pair with two of my favourite app's. 



It's the perfect combination of Instagram meets wedding website. 

In a nutshell this app provides your guests a platform where they can find all your wedding details and instantly upload their social media photos as they go, in one place. This way you don't have to beg uncle Joe-shmo for two weeks to upload his memory chip! You can also use the app as a private communication hub to keep your bridal party up to date on your various events.

Wedding Party App.jpg

Now that you have all your images in one place, here are my two favourite app's that can be used to spruce up your images.


Photoshop in your pocket

I'm literally obsessed with this app. In two seconds flat you can remove imperfections, smooth and rejuvenate skin, reduce red-eye and dark circles, adjust lighting, add basic filters etc. 


VSCO Cam APP *$5.99

Where all the pro photogs edit and share their photo's online. I mainly use this app for it's high-end filters.