We've been seriously crushing over a few photographers lately. Some of who we have the pleasure of working with this summer and some of whom we would seriously die to collaborate with. If timeless photography is on the top of your list and a major priority, you gotta check these fabs out! 


Joel Bedford Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with these two lovelies on a few occasions and I am happy to report we'll be hanging out in August from E&J's wedding at the Museum of Nature. I'm only just a little excited because sometimes I think Ottawa just doesn't deserve you, but needs you oh so badly! And I gotta say, I'm just a tad jealous they didn't pack me in their luggage as they traveled across the states to shoot weddings in some of the most amazing locations this past winter. You just gotta check out their new website and stunning portfolio.

Bartek & Magda

I've been a long time admirer of this husband and wife duo for quite a few years now and they never cease to surprise me. I'm all about "real people" and making "genuine" long lasting  connections so I highly suggest you pop on over to their website, read their bio because I promise you'll fall in love with this pair as much as I have. The best thing about these Montrealers is that they don't have a travelling fee for Ottawa! So if you happen to book these two and your looking for a planner....send note! We'd love to collaborate. 

P.S Magda, you can bake me a cake any day! I'll make the tea:)

Kymberlie Dozois

Oh how I love bubbly Kim and her eye for capturing special moments we always seem to take for granted. There is something nostalgic and raw about her imagery which I just can't get over. You'll definitely find a friend for life working with Kym. And yes, she's on our "collaborators bucket list".