elevate retreat


I'm so excited to announce the launch of The Elevate Retreat, all about taking your business to the next level! 






I seriously couldn't think of a better life then being an entrepreneur and blazing my own trail. It's never easy, but the thrill of the ride is a feeling like no other! 

I started in the business just shy of a decade ago. When Pinterest and Instgram didn't exist and Facebook didn't allow company pages. Yes, 2007 was a time in business where there was no online anything! No content management websites, no one really understood the concept of a blog, SEO was a made up word and there were no workflow cloud organizational tools. Now, when I think of this, I'm astounded!

Elise Schmitz and Laura Kelly Elevate Retreat

I literally had zero tools to set up my business except my own brain, an agenda, my blackberry and a hand written binder for each client. I created my own workflow, developed my own client experience, made all my consultation forms from scratch and lived and learned from my own mistakes. 

I remember one of my old professors say to me, "Don't open your own business up right away. Make mistakes on someone else's dime." And even though I was little appalled, it made sense. So I'm going to be honest- that's what I did. Granted my mistakes were little and insignificant because I had such a wonderful teacher & boss. And so now it's my turn to be here for you! To guide you through life and business without making the same mistakes as I did, and to teach you how to get to the top- faster! 



The ELEVATE MASTERCLASS is all about this journey. My journey and Laura's journey. How we came from nothing to something pretty incredible - Industry Influencers. Our stories are crazy and the knowledge we have gained along the way is yours for the taking. 

So I invite you to check us out! 



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