So we played a little game on Instagram that I like to call “What’s the T”, by questioning some of the industries misconceptions about wedding planners!


1. Planning a wedding can take over 500 hours 

2. Because I hire a planner- I'm gonna get all the deals

3. You should take your wedding planners advice as suggestion not fact

4. I only have a small wedding of 50ppl, im super easy going about everything so I don't need a planner.

If you have a "myth" or "question" you've always been curious to ask, comment bellow.

So here we go-

More. That's right, It takes more than that! 😱
When you factor in research, pinteresting, attending appointments, communicating with vendors, more research, budget preparation, timeline building, staying organized, double checking invoices and contracts, chasing vendors etc etc.. the hours pile up and before you know it. Then you get to start from scratch again 2- 3 months before the wedding since your vendors have forgotten all the details you’ve pre-organized. But that’s reality - they have probably done dozens of weddings since your last discussions with them. It’s easy for everything to become a blurr.


The process is fluid- meaning you have 50 balls in the air at any given time and with one misstep you could create a detrimental domino effect. God forbid you "forget" something. I've always said- it's unfair to put that burden on yourself and still expect to have fun planning your wedding or even enjoying your actual wedding day. You've never planned a wedding before so how can you possibly expect not to become overwhelmed and anxious during the process. Let me add another layer here. Say your wedding costs $60,000 and your wedding day is 12 hrs. That means your spending $5,000 an hour on your wedding day. Insane right. So would you rather invest in a planner to make sure your making the right choices or just spend 60k based on a few wedding planning blogs you read?!?!


Ummmm sorry- not really! 💥FALSE 💥
This is a HUGE misconception in our industry and if thats the only reason your hiring a planner- you're in for a big surprise. And the fact that our own industry haS led you to believe this- is a huge dis-favour to planners as it devalues what we actually do. 💔
So let me pull the wool from everyones eyes and tell it like it is. 😱

Some wedding planners structure their business on racking in the kick-backs for themselves which allows them to discount their own planning fee structure. And don't think this isn't happening right here in your own backyard- because it is. Some businesses will also only work with vendors providing kick backs. (cue quality compromise). For the record, at this very moment I can guarantee there are some eyebrows lifting 😵- but I'm here to educate so you can make informed decisions.

I believe in passing along preferred pricing if it exists, which is seldom. Instead, the vendors I like to work with will add more value instead of showing you a discounted dollar figure at the end of your invoice. They'll add more blooms to your floral designs, charge fair pricing, purchase new unique rental inventory just for your wedding, and really go above and beyond your expectations.

Where a good wedding planner can also save you money is in making sure you don't make costly mistakes like overpaying for something because you didn't know any better or even worse cheaping out and paying for something that never shows up on your wedding day.- Again this is a very real thing!

So when you consider a planner, I hope this helps broaden your horizons on expectations and pitfalls.

I love the game of 💥 TRUE OR FALSE.💥 Earlier this week we played that game and asked 3 questions and today we've been answered three of them. Two more to go! “You should take your wedding planners advice as suggestion not fact” and "I only have a small wedding of 50ppl, im super easy going about everything so I don't need a planner.” That’s next week on the blog ;)

xox Elise