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Rany Fenoli & Elise Schmitz, Owner & Planner, Toast Events

A few months ago we were hand selected and invited to participate in Randy Fenoli's VIP event at Centrepoint Theaters. 300 brides attended Randy's speaking engagement paired with a boutique style bridal show with the who's-who of Ottawa's wedding professionals. Naturally, we we're honored to have been selected and were most certainly amongst great company!


Hearing Randy speak re-enforced my own wedding planning philosophies, that a wedding is really a "telling of the couples story". He talked about how important it was to be true to yourself and your own identity - and that this should be reflected in all elements on your wedding day. What's in and what's out really isn't important to Randy -I couldn't agree more! 

Randy mentioned a specific bride which came to him with quite a dilemma. She had tried over 30 glitzy beaded gowns and couldn't find the right one to match her barn reception venue. -hold the phone people! Dress + Venue = Must Match.............?!

At this point it was obvious to Randy that the brides personal identity was more prone to the sparkly beaded gowns with lace accents and Swarovsky crystals, than the understated boho countryside trend she was trying to emulate. And to this Randy replied, "You don't need to match the venue darling, just throw up a chandelier- now you match!".  My thoughts exactly; think outside the box. 

It's always nice to see your own values and philosophies in others. It confirms that I'm on the right track. What's that saying they say......"Great minds think alike." ;)