It’s funny how we learn certain things. For one, I know that I am really good at creating something out of nothing. I’m the real deal MacGyver meets Martha Stewart on a time crunch. This type of last minute scenario always leaves me with no option but to design and create  in the moment unadulterated by Pinterest.

Those who work with me often know my policy of “go big or go home” and my classic “if it’s not good enough for’s not good enough for my client”. So even though you might ask “What type of tablescape are you doing for the Mastermind Linen Show?” and my reply is “Umm...I’m thinking an oversized balloon with boho tails and donuts.” expect that and so much more. This is also code for .. I literally have no idea what I’m going to design except for the fact that: 

A - I need an excuse to drop by my favourite donut shop. 

B - finally get my hands on a massive white balloon and 

C - to showcase my awesomeness at d.i.y chair ribbons, which i’ll be posting on the blog next week.

So lets just say.....sometimes you just gotta fly by the seat of your pants. This is sometimes a hard task for a picky perfectionist, but it’s when I shine best. So take a look bellow at my last-minute design. 10 points for the first person who can find the half eaten donut :) 

Thank you to Barbara Anne Studios for these beautiful snaps!