The struggle was real, but the thought of creating our “boho tee-pee” for Tie the Knott Show outweighed the fact that I Namastay’ed in bed recuperate from an awful chest cold. In fact, at one point I did throw in the towel, calling the show reps and cancelling....that only lasted for about 12 hrs... 

As a planner there are few opportunities other than style shoots, to design and create something completely different. So naturally when an opportunity arrises I might do something crazy like fold an ungodly amount of paper cranes for a “Luck” inspired floating tablescape or dangle a crystal embedded cake from a massive chandelier.

But as all things go, I am nothing without my team and not as pretty without the help of some fabulous contributors to our Tie The Knott booth.

We’re also excited for Mastermind Event’s Linen Show this coming Friday. We can’t tell you exactly what we’re doing, because quite frankly I’m a last minute girl when it comes to shows... so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for some sneak peaks!

Florals: Full Bloom 

Cakes:  Osso Sweet 

Linens & Tee-Pee: Mastermind Events

Photography: Barbara Ann Studios

Furniture Rentals: Party Time